Userpilot's Product Adoption School


Good onboarding doesn’t just introduce your users to your product, it shows them the value they can get from it. It ensures true product adoption. The user onboarding experience is also key to showing how the core features of your web application work.

One of our product's main use cases is helping you to increase your product adoption by identifying your product champions. With Userpilot, you can dig into your end-users and monitor which features of your product they're using the most by easily building some specialized segments that would target those users who maybe have and have not been using those high-value features.

Improving the onboarding experience of your product will most definitely have a direct positive effect on user activation and other success metrics helping to prevent users from abandoning your app. Yet, establishing a successful onboarding strategy is not always a straightforward task.

Why measure adoption?

Identifying the key features that make your product more sticky helps in setting a clear path of where you need to drive your users. This is extremely helpful when it comes to increasing user retention and identifying whether or not the desired feature is providing value. Simply, high adoption numbers mean that your product has promise.

Userpilot's product adoption school

In order to assure that your companies efforts wouldn't go unnoticed, Userpilot has created the product adoption school to help you create a successful onboarding process from the ground up. 

In the product adoption school, you will learn the following:

  • The building blocks of a successful user onboarding process.
  • Mapping the user journey from Aha! to activation to complete the adoption.
  • Detecting dropouts in the user journey and hypothesizing effective solutions.
  • Choosing & building the right product experiences for your onboarding.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your solutions & reiterating to optimize for user adoption.

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