Goals Overview


One of Userpilot's main use cases is helping you to increase your goal adoption by identifying your product champions. In the goals page, you can dig into your end-users and monitor which features of your product they're using the most by easily building some specialized segments that would target those users who maybe have or have not been using those high-value features.  

After setting those specialized segments, Userpilot gives you the power to track the number of adopted users and the success rate in the desired time period; this way you can proactively work toward more high-value product adoption.

The purpose of goals is to measure the success of your experience. Track an experience against a goal.  Someone who has seen this experience, are they doing the thing that I want them to do. One of your users inviting a teammate. There is an event or action that I've created and with this experience, with the experience that I create, I can define a goal against that. Can be really useful to lie around what you're trying to do with experiences. Help determine the success of that effort. 

Influence user behavior and goal adoption with in-app messaging. 

Why measure goal adoption?

Identifying the key features that make your product more sticky helps in setting a clear path of where you need to drive your users. This is extremely helpful when it comes to increasing user retention and identifying whether or not the desired feature is providing value. Simply, high adoption numbers mean that your product has promise.

Tracking Goal adoption

Tracking your goal adoption is a simple three-step process.

1. Opening the Goals page

  1. Log in to your Userpilot account.
  2. Click on Growth Insights > Goals. The Goals page displays.

2. Tracking a new goal

  1. Click "Create Goal" then give your desired goal a name.

  2. Filter your specialized segment, and save the goal.

3. Monitor the number of adopted users and your adoption rate in the period

The success rate in the period gets calculated by dividing the number of adopted users by the total active users for that period

Success rate in period = (Total users achieved goal / Total active users) * 100

Example: If the total number of active users is 89 in a period of 30 days, 39 adopted the desired goal, your adoption rate would be 43.8%.

If you have any more specific questions please reach out to us at team@userpilot.co 

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