Creating a Flow For Web Mobile

In many cases, your web app will have a completely (or slightly) different design on mobile screens.

In this case, it would be ideal to create separate flows that would only show for Mobile devices. 

The Userpilot builder allows you to do this easily.

First, navigate to the page you'd like to create the Flow on like you normally would. Then, adjust your Chrome window to fit that of a Mobile screen. You can simply do that by dragging the Chrome window to get smaller until it becomes responsive to that of a Mobile screen.

After you get the view you want, fire the Userpilot Chrome Extension like you normally would.

The Userpilot Builder will adjust itself to the new screen size.

Then create the flow normally based on the new element formation.

After you are done, and when you get to the save & publish screen, change the audience segmentation to Device Type is Mobile as shown below.

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