Adding Tasks In a Checklist

Tasks are the building blocks of a checklist.

Through tasks, you'll be able to drive users to take valuable actions on the path to activation.

To create a task in a checklist, click on "Add New Task" in the tasks section.

First, give it a name. 

You can also add a description and a call-to-action button on the task as shown below.

This will give you the ability to add more context to the task. (Note: You won't be able to add a CTA for the task if it's set to "do nothing".)

Every task must be linked to an action:

- Do nothing: This will make this task in the checklist non-clickable.

- Go to a page: This will move users to a specific URL once they click on this task.

- Trigger an experience: This option will launch an experience once the task is clicked. You'll also have the ability to take the user to a URL, then trigger the experience.

After you link the task to a certain action, it's now time to set-up the conditions for which it will be marked as completed.

The completion settings depend on the type of action you have selected.

If the task takes the user to a URL, then it can be marked as completed either by successfully landing on the given page.

If the task action is to trigger an experience, then you can mark it as completed once the user successfully completes all steps of the experience.

In any case, you can always set the completion criteria based on user properties and custom events defined in the installation script.

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