Heatmap for Feature Tags


After you have created Feature Tags to track actions users perform in the app — things like button clicks, hover interactions, inviting teammates, or purchases, you can analyze the highest and lowest interactions within the builder and only one click away.

Viewing the Heatmap

To view the Heatmap, navigate to the Features&Events dashboard and scroll down to the Event Effectiveness table:

1- Click on the three dots next to one of the feature tags and select "Edit in builder"

2- Once the builder launches click on the 'Heatmap' icon.  You'll see the Heatmap showing up highlighting all the previously created features on that same page, colored by their total interactions (showing red for the max interactions with features & blue for the min).

How the Heatmap is calculated

The heatmap will be calculated based on the event occurrence on the same page

avg = (total event per feature tag / highest feature tag events) * 100%

For example, if you have three feature tags as follows on the same page:

  • Feature tag #1: 20 times occurred → 20/50 → 40% (Its color will be between light blue and green)
  • Feature tag #2: 30 times occurred → 30/50 → 60% (between green and yellow)
  • Feature tag #3: 50 times occurred → 50/50 → 100% (red)

For any questions or concerns please reach out to support@userpilot.co

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