Getting Started with Userpilot

Start by learning what Userpilot is all about.

3 articles

Examples of Use Cases

Learn how you can leverage Userpilot for a variety of use cases.

5 articles

Installing Userpilot

Learn how to install Userpilot on your web app.

7 articles


Technical documentation for those who know code.

7 articles


How Userpilot works with other apps in your stack

5 articles

Building Flows

Learn how to build in-app flows for your use case.

18 articles

Trigger a Flow Conditionally

Learn how to trigger flows for certain segments and under specific conditions.

8 articles


Learn how to measure goal conversion using the A/B testing functionality

2 articles


Learn how to use checklists to pave the way for user activation.

5 articles

Resource Center

Learn how to use the Resource Center to provide on-demand help for your users

6 articles

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Learn how to leverage NPS to measure user happiness

6 articles


Learn how to use features to track users activity

4 articles


Learn more about goal adoption

1 article


Answers to common questions about the Userpilot platform.

8 articles