General FAQs

Tips and solutions related to Userpilot design, content options, customization, and the client experience. 

Can I add videos or images to my onboarding?

Yup. You can add many types of images (including GIFs) and video content (such as YouTube stuff) to a Userpilot flow.

  1. Open a flow (e.g. Modal).
  2. Hover the mouse pointer on the section you want to hold an image or video. The + button displays.
  3. Click the + button. A new panel displays.
  4. Click Video. 
  5. To insert an image, click the upload icon and then upload a picture from your computer.

  1. To insert a video, paste embed code in the box.

Does Userpilot recommend onboarding in one experience?

No, we don't recommend a single experience.

For best outcomes, Userpilot recommends dividing the onboarding process into smaller (2-4 steps) flows with specified goals based on your website's different pages. 

Click here to learn more: Tips to Keep in Mind Before Building Your First Userpilot Flow.

Does Userpilot support right to left languages?

Yes, Userpilot supports languages with right-to-left text direction like Arabic and Hebrew.

What is Userpilot’s pricing based on?

Userpilot pricing is based on the number of unique active users that log into your product each month.

For more information, click here to learn more: Userpilot Pricing.

Is Userpilot pricing per application or domain?

Userpilot pricing is not based on apps or domains.

Pricing is based on the total number of monthly active users (MAU) in a 30-day period. The active user total includes unique visitors only and not total visitors to a page with Userpilot script. The more unique users, the higher the monthly fee.

You're free to install Userpilot on as many URLs, domains, web applications, and domains as you want. For more information, click here to learn more: Userpilot Pricing.

How can I push a flow live?

Once you have inserted the Userpilot code snippet into your web application, you can show flows and content live to your users. This code snippet loads with the page and uses user properties and custom events you passed to Userpilot to show the right product experience live to the right desired segment under the right conditions.

Here's how you publish a flow:

  1. Open the web page with the flow you want to publish.
  2. Click the Userpilot icon in the Chrome browser. The Builder opens.
  3. Click the Publish button in the bottom right corner of the Builder bar. The flow is now live.
  • Make sure the Userpilot script is installed on the page.
  • New flows must be published from the Builder.
  • If you change an existing live flow, you must publish it again in order to make the changes live.

Preview and Publish Userpilot

Can I add my own font to a theme?

Yes, you can add a font to a theme.

Userpilot has a good supply of standard fonts, but if you want to add your own:

  1. Open the theme you want to use.
  2. Scroll down the General settings panel and then click the Add Your Own Font button. A new panel opens.

    Add Fonts Userpilot

  1. Enter the URL of your font. The new font is added to the font menu.

    Add Fonts Userpilot

How can I horizontally align two buttons on a section of the UI pattern?

You can align two buttons by first adding a button next to an existing button. 

  1. Open your Flow.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the UI pattern, next to the existing button. A purple (+) button displays.

Add Button Userpilot

  1. Click the purple (+) button. A menu displays.

Button Menu Userpilot

  1. Select Button. A new button appears.

Two Buttons Userpilot

  1. To customize the button settings, click the new button, adjust the settings and then click the checkmark to save the settings.

Button Settings Userpilot

What are the user properties that Userpilot automatically detects?

  • First Seen 
  • Last Seen
  • Hostname 
  • Web sessions
  • Last seen 
  • Country 
  • Viewport width 
  • Viewport height 
  • Browser Language 
  • Browser 
  • Device Type
  • OS

What is the difference between New User Onboarding and Navigation?

There is no difference in terms of the user experience. New User Onboarding and Navigation are categories or tags. They are tools to help you organize your flows.


There's a Publish button on the experience product page and Builder. What's the difference?

Publishing an experience from the product page saves the settings but does not save the steps of the experience. 

To save and publish the steps and changes in the experience:

  1. Click the Userpilot icon in the Chrome extension and open the Builder.
  2. Click the Publish button in the bottom right corner.

publish experience

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