An Onboarding Flow to Welcome New Users

Use case

It's common to trigger a welcome flow for new users on their first-run (the first time they sign up to your product.)

The welcome flow helps set the expectations for new users as well as push them for the activation event.

There are two types of welcome flows: linear and branched.

A linear first-run onboarding flow takes all users down the same path, while a branched one allows them to choose their own adventure.

Building a linear welcome flow

First, navigate to the page where users land once they first signup. Then, fire the Userpilot Chrome extension.

Next, click on 'Create New Content' and select 'Create Flow'. A pop-up will show so you can edit the flow information before you begin. You can also select which Theme you would like to use for this specific flow. Once this is done, click on Create to start your building process! 

The next step will be selecting which UI pattern you would like your onboarding flow to start with. 

There are 4 types of steps you can choose from:

1. Modal.

2. Slideout. 

3. Tooltip.

4. Driven Action. 

* Each type has its own use case that you can benefit from.

The welcome flows usually start with a Modal, as modals help you grab the full attention of the user. 

Once you select your preferred type of step, it's time to start designing it! 

You can choose a Modal template or create one from scratch. 

Also, you can edit the Modal by clicking on the pen icon to make changes. 

Please note that when editing an image, the features will be different than those for a text. 

You can also add Blocks and extra features to your Modals by clicking on the Plus symbol, where a menu will drop down for you. 

If your Modal contains a button, you can set the button action to your preference. 

We recommend that you set the button action to 'Go To Next Step' to keep the flow progressing.

Next, you can add the second step of your flow. It could be another Modal, Slideout, Tooltip, or Driven Action. 

Finally, after you 'preview' the flow and you are happy with the progress. Then, it's time to set it to trigger for new users only.

Click the 'Publish' button on the Userpilot builder so you can be navigated to the Userpilot web app. 

Scroll down to the Audience Settings and select which users the flow will be triggered for. In this case, it should be the new sign-ups. 

For example, in this case, we have set it to trigger for users who signed up less than 50 days ago. You can also set the Frequency settings to suit your preferences. In the example below, we have set the flow to show only once for the new users. 

Creating a Branched Modal

Now, if you would like to create a branched modal. Then we simply would add another button in the modal that either takes to a URL or triggers another flow.

All you have to do is create a new split section by clicking on the '+' button and then selecting 'Button'.

Then, simply create two buttons with two different actions as shown below.

**Note: For easier building, make sure you deactivate the 'next button' from the settings panel so you can add the buttons side-by-side.  

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