Userpilot Requirements

These FAQs deal with weighty matters like installation and integration, the stuff that makes Userpilot run.

Can Userpilot run on servers not connected to the internet?

No, Userpilot is a cloud-based solution. That means it needs an internet connection to work.

Can I use Userpilot with a third party application?

No, Userpilot does not work with third-party apps. Userpilot is built to work on SaaS by installing a JS snippet.

Does Userpilot work on mobile applications?

No, Userpilot doesn't work on mobile apps. 

But, Userpilot does display on mobile devices if the user opens a web app, like Chrome. 

Does Userpilot work with cloud-based applications?

Yes, it does. However, you need to add JavaScript and have access to the related code.

Does Userpilot support single-page applications?

Yes, it does, but you need to remember the way Userpilot works.

Userpilot depends on page reloads (or page refreshes) to update and trigger new flows. A single-page application does not reload after a URL change.

As a workaround, your developer team must call userpilot.reload() every time the URL changes. For more information, we recommend reading, Installation Guide for Single Page Applications (SPAs) in the Developer docs section.

How can I check if Userpilot’s script has been successfully installed on my web page?

You can detect the installation of a script on a web page. 

  1. Open the web page with Userpilot script in Chrome.
  2. Right-click the Userpilot icon in the top right of the screen. A panel opens.
  3. Click Check Userpilot.
  4. If the script is working properly, a new panel opens to say the installation was successful.

script success

  1. If the script is not working properly, a new panel opens to say Userpilot could not be detected.

check script fail

Does Userpilot support local applications such as outlook?

No, Userpilot is built mainly for web applications.

Does Userpilot support a self-service help desk or a chat feature for application support?

No, Userpilot is an in-application product experience software. It helps teams understand product usage using popup modals, tooltips, checklists, and other features.

How can I access to Userpilot’s security documents?

Contact our Userpilot team ( to get the security documents (e.g. SLA or DPA).

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