Introducing a New Page or View

Use case

In this section, we'll look at some of the ways you can use Userpilot to introduce new views or pages that users have not seen before.

This is particularly useful when new users are navigating around your product, and get to views they haven't interacted with before.

Introducing a new page

First, launch the Userpilot builder on the page you want to introduce.

Then, start your flow with a slideout opt-in.

The slideout will act as a subtle way of pushing users to learn more about the elements of this page, and the kind of actions that can be done.

You can then continue your flow with a tooltip to highlight an important part of the screen.

You can also drive valuable actions by using the driven action UI pattern.

Introducing a new view

To introduce a new view within a page, just simply access the required view and build your UI pattern on it. The Userpilot element detection algorithm will only show the UI pattern when such a view is accessed.

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