Push Users to Adopt a New Feature at a Certain Stage of the User Journey

Use case

One of the most powerful things you can achieve with Userpilot is to push users to adopt a certain feature at a certain point of their user journey.

This is particularly useful to help users adopt secondary features at a time when it's relevant.

For example, calling a user to create a campaign after they have just connected their email.

Nudging users at a certain point of the journey

After firing the Userpilot experience builder on the page you'd like to deliver the in-app message, choose either a modal or a slideout as your UI pattern.

Modals and slideouts are a great way to push actions.

Now, to make sure this message only shows once a user hits a certain milestone in their journey, we must use the segmentation feature.

Simply, go to the audience section in the experience settings, and set the user identification properties and events as shown below.

This will make sure the flow only triggers based on the user properties and tracked events you have set.

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