FAQ: Exclude Traffic

How can I exclude test users from my analytics?

The exclude traffic feature allows you to exclude certain traffic from showing in your Userpilot analytics , allowing you to choose which segment of your users Userpilot analyzes and keep your analytics clean of undesirable data.

To find this option click on 'Configure' then select 'Settings'

In the settings tab, look for the Internal Users option under the exclude list.

Please keep in mind the following notes:
  • Users and companies with matching ids will be completely excluded from Web App analytics. For example, will never appear in User/Company analytics, will not be calculated in Experience analytics, and will not display NPS replies.
  • You can add user or company ids using the add button without having to save your changes manually.
  • You can delete but not edit the id for each record.
  • Excluded users will still be able to see and interact with UP content, but those activities will be filtered out of the analytics if they are on the exclude list.
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