Tagging a Page

How to Track Page views

There are two ways you can track page views, either by clicking on the "Create Page" button or by navigating to the 'Untagged Pages' tab which will display a list of all the URLs where Userpilot is installed.

1- Navigate to the Pages tab under 'Growth Insights'

2- Click on "Create Page"

Once you fill in the name and description if the page you'd like to tag, you will be navigated to the Targetting tab where you determine which domains and specific URLs to be included in the analytics

All domains: Capture the activity of this page anywhere the Userpilot script is installed

Specific domains: Capture the activity of this page if the domain exactly Matches/Doesn't Match the input string on a certain domain

Path settings

  • Suggested Rule: Our AI technology will suggest a page rule based on the URL you tagged
  • Specific Rule: Adding a condition or multiple conditions to track a specific page

Tagging dynamic pages

If the URL in a page contains a dynamic part that is different for each user, you can select the option "Matches Regex"and replace the dynamic part with an asterisk as shown in the example below.

If you have any questions, reach out to support@userpilot.co

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