Linking a button to a URL

In some cases, it would be useful to navigate the user from a button in a flow to a different page.

To link a button to a URL, you can click on the step that you would like the user to navigate from, then click on the button to show the settings bar. You can then click on the 'button action' option which is the lightning icon shown below and select the 'Go to URL' behavior from the drop-down list.

What if the URL I want to navigate to is dynamic?

If the link you are trying to redirect the user to is a dynamic URL (a URL that changes from one user to the other), then you can easily replace the dynamic part of the URL with a user attribute that is being passed to Userpilot. 

You can select the user attribute by clicking on the '+' icon

You will then see a drop-down list that shows all the user attributes that have been passed to Userpilot. User attributes are passed via the identify method in your installation script.

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