Creating a Flow Across Multi-URLs

You can easily span a Flow across multi-URLs using the page change step in the flow editor.

The page change step will automatically move the user to the next page to continue the flow of the Flow.

To do a page change, click 'add step' then 'Page Change.'

Then, you can freely move in your app to navigate to your desired page.

After you reach the desired page, click on 'Set.'

If the URL is dynamic, then you can simply add a wildcard attribute that you have already passed using the Userpilot script.

You can also do a 'silent' page change by allowing users themselves to instigate the page change using a click.

To do this, create a driven action click type on a button. Then click the button manually, and continue building your flow.

When you add the first step after the URL change, you'll get a similar message as before. This time, however, you'll have the option to do a "silent redirect." This means that the page change will be done by your app when the user clicks the button.

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