Save a UI Pattern Template

Even though themes are great to control the general feel of the Experience, you can also create customized templates to reuse again.

How to save a template

Once you're done editing a UI pattern, select 'SAVE TEMPLATE' in the tool settings section.

and you can always go back to it by accessing the "SAVED" tab once you create a new step of the same type.

What kind of settings will the template save

This will save the style settings you've made on the original step such as background color, font size, and button actions. It is important to note that it will not save the settings that you've adjusted in the side-panel settings such as the beacon, box, element, placement, and backdrop settings.

If you would like to delete a saved template or just rename it, this can be done from the "SAVED" tab by clicking the three horizontal dots icon that appears once you hover over the template.

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