Trigger Content On a Dynamic URL

What is a URL path?

URLs consist of the following parts:

\___/ \_____/\____________/\________________/ \_________/

| | | | |

Protocol Subdomain Domain Path Query<br>

URL path comes after the top-level domain (TLD) '  .com' or '.io' or any similar and before the query that starts with ? .

URL path matching

To target content to appear on a specific path, you have a set of options that you can use:

  1. Starts with — flow will show on paths that start with the sub-string
  2. Contains — flow will show on paths that contain the input sub-string 
  3. Ends with — flow will show on paths that end with the sub-string
  4. Equals — flow will show on paths that exactly match the input string
  5. Matches regex — flow will show on paths that match the input regular expression 

Working with unique URLs

Some cases might involve showing content on pages with dynamically changing URLs. To trigger content on the correct page, you can use 'Matches Regex' and use the Asterix symbol as a wildcard (*) to replace the part that is dynamic/changing

Some apps use dynamic URLs in their path structure, i.e. different users would have different URLs even for the same tab.

For example, where '1234' is a changing variable from one user to the other.

Userpilot gives you a bunch of really easy solutions in order to make sure content is triggered on dynamic URLs.

Go to the 'Page' section in the settings tab, select 'Only on Specific Paths' and you'll find various options to select.

For example, you can select to trigger it on all pages that start with ; this way it will automatically ignore the dynamic part of the URL.

You can also use "contains" or the "Matches Regex" option.

For the regex option, substitute all the changing variables in the URL to (*) as shown in the example below.

This will ensure that the Flow will only trigger on that specific URL.

For example, you'd change to*/apps

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