Welcome to Userpilot

What is Userpilot?

Userpilot is a product experience software that gives non-technical teams the ability to create powerful contextual onboarding experiences. This means giving your team a way to trigger the right onboarding experience to the right persona at the right stage of the user journey.

How does it work?

Userpilot acts as a product experience layer that lays on top of your product. You'll be able to build welcome flows, walkthroughs, tips & hints and announcements on top of your UI without any coding. 

To get started, all you have to do is to install the Userpilot Chrome extension. This will allow your team to start instantly creating product experiences.

To deploy these experience live on your product, you must install the Userpilot code snippet. The JS code will allow Userpilot to identify your users and trigger the right product experience to the right segment under the right conditions.

How to get started?

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