Intercom integration user guide

Integrating Intercom with Userpilot will help you to assess and monitor which users are engaging with your Userpilot

Common use cases

  • See exactly what a user did in Userpilot
  • Find out if a specific user has completed the onboarding flow
  • Make a list of specific users who completed, skipped, started a specific experience flow

Integration requirements

  • An Intercom account and a Userpilot account, both fully installed across your web application
  • Intercom integration can be enabled with a single click. Simply visit the Account integrations page and hit the Intercom integration box

How to use this integration

Once Intercom and Userpilot are integrated, you can view Userpilot events under any user profile in Intercom. Just pull up a user profile and you'll see them on the right side.

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