Tracking Events Through Flows

To ensure that the user has reached your activation point and has begun benefiting from the product, tracking the user's journey through your web app can be quite helpful.
Tracked events will help you do this. 

Common use cases

  • Analyze visitors' behavior and activity on your web app. 
  • Enables businesses of making efficient decisions about increasing the effectiveness of their digital marketing activities.
  • Helps enhance the informational access points on a website.

How to track events through buttons

You can track events through buttons by creating a button within the Userpilot content. Once the user clicks on it, data is sent to Userpilot indicating that the tracked event has occurred.  

To track events through flows, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Edit/Add a button.
  3. Click on the button to edit.
  4. Select the (thunder) icon. 
  5. Activate 'Track Event'. 
  6. Select a previously created event or you can create a new event by typing it's name in the text box.
  7. Click on the Pink Check to save. 

Once this is done, you'll be able to view the users who have achieved this tracked event through the Users Dashboard and the Features and Events page.

Analyzing your event data

Through the Features and Events page, you'll be able to view the following:

  • How many users achieved the tracked event. 
  • The average number of occurrences. 
  • When the tracked event first occurred for a user. 
  • When the tracked event last occurred for a user. 

Check out this article to view how you can utilize tracked events. 

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