How to Utilize Events

Now that we've discussed how to create an event, let's dive into the best practices and learn how you can utilize events in Userpilot to get the most out of them. In this document, we will explain how you can utilize Events in Flows and Checklists.


Using events in flows is perfect for triggering content at the right time for the right users.  You can specify a Feature tag or Tracked event in the Triggering settings of a flow or in the Audience settings.

A) Event Occurrence

This option is used to set up a flow to trigger only the exact moment a particular event- feature tag or tracked event- occurs. It will not trigger the flow for any users that previously achieved an event. 

An example is how we set up a slide-out to trigger only when the users click on the "Create Event" button for the first time

 How to set this up?

1- Create a Feature tag on the desired element in your web app, or track an event from a Userpilot button.

2- Create your flow and add step(s)

3- Under the Triggering settings, select 'Event Occurrence' and select the event from the drop-down

B) Audience settings 

The advantage of adding events to the Audience settings is that you can utilize the advanced settings to target users who precisely achieved an event for a certain number of times within a time frame.

Using an event in the triggering settings vs the Audience settings

The main difference between adding an event to the audience settings and the Event occurrence is if you would like a flow to trigger for users that historically achieved an event. For example, the flow mentioned above will not trigger for any user that previously saved an invoice if you add the condition in 'Event occurrence', however, if you add the condition in the Audience settings then the flow will indeed trigger for any user that previously achieved the event.


Checklists are great to get your users activated and list the set of actions that you would like them to achieve, but how can you set up a task to mark as complete when a user actually achieves the mentioned action?  You guessed it, Feature tags. 

In this example, a checklist task named "Invite a teammate" will only mark as complete when the user clicks on the "Invite a teammate" button. 

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