Features & Events Dashboard Overview

Whether you're new to Userpilot or you're an experienced user, tagging features and tracking events within your product provides you with a great view of your feature usage. 

Feature tagging is foundational in order to understand the impact of your in-app flows on your growth goals and feature adoption. It allows you to track the behavior of your users in your app, code-free and with no interference from your dev team.

Common use cases

  • Identify where your users are spending their time on your product.
  • Get an intuitive view of your feature usage.
  • Trigger Flows based on user behavior
  • Track users' activity and understand what features they are interacting with.
  • Defining a goal using a feature tag to measure the impact of your in-flows on user behavior.

Features & Events Dashboard

This dashboard includes all the data and analytics of your Feature tags, Tracked events, and Custom events. We provide, numbers, graphs, and tables that give you the ability to drill down on event analytics.

  • Features: Creating a feature tag has never been easier, just open the builder and select the element you want to track via click, hover, or even text input.
  • Tracked Events: Tracked events that are sent to Userpilot can be easily analyzed, archived, and details such as attributes, and user/company activity can be checked.
  • Custom Events: Group multiple events, features, or both into one group to get better and more precise analytics.


In the first section, you will see a bar with filters to choose from; Userpilot provides a quick and easy way to filter features and events analytics by time period, source, and other segments.

Once you create an event, You will find simple analytics for the total number of events that occurred, the average occurrence per user, and other metrics. A line and column chart for the same analytics can be found below this bar.

Top 20 Events

By hovering over the desired period in the Overview chart & clicking on a certain time frame you can check the top events (up to 20) that have occurred. It will show how many times each event has occurred, and for how many unique users & companies. You can also move to the next or previous time period directly or search for a specific event.

Event Occurrence by User/Company

You can see Event Occurrence per User or Company and you can filter them by the most occurred events, least occurred, or custom select specific events you want to see analytics for.

Event Effectiveness

The "Event Effectiveness" section displays a table of all the events and features that have been created, the status of the event, and analytics for each event. You can utilize the filtering option to filter events based on their status or when it was last triggered. There are certain actions you can take in this section such as:

- Exporting the displayed analytics - Arranging the columns - Archive Features and Events - Create a new Custom Event

PS: To delete features, you will need first to archive them, then you'll be able to delete them.

Finally, by checking the box next to the name, you can create custom events or archive multiple events and features.

Next steps: Learn how to tag your first feature.

If you'd like to send general feedback or suggestions for this feature, please reach out to us at support@userpilot.co

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