Preview/Test an Experience on Staging/Production Environments

The best way to test how an experience would look like for users in real-time is to click the 'Preview' button after finishing adding all the steps.

Now, you might also want to test if the experience will be triggered properly in the correct situation for the correct segment.

We advise that you install Userpilot on both your staging & production environments.

To test it on your real-time environments, click 'Save & Publish.'

In the conditions tab, you'll be able to control the domain it will trigger on. If you have the script installed on both staging and production, you should be able to choose which one you'd like the experience to appear on.

You can also do this in another way by creating a new user segment that has the property hostname is "" as shown below, and only trigger the experience to that segment.

You can also choose the "only me" option in the audience section. This option will trigger the Experience only to you, but you must have the chrome extension installed. This is particularly useful to preview multiple Experiences in the same run.

Note: when testing, we always recommend choosing "Show Every Time."

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