Adding NPS Survey Content

Click the Content menu tab to customize the information inside the NPS survey. 

The NPS Survey has four pieces of content that require your attention. 


Asking a question

The first, and most important, piece of content is the question. Standard practice suggests using the default sentence pattern. You would replace the generic text with your own company, product, or service name.


Adding a follow-up question

The second piece of content -- a follow-up question -- nudges visitors to provide a bit more information. The default question asks about the score, but you can change that.

If you change the default question, we suggest using the open-ended question format. It tends to generate longer responses ion the reply box. Occasionally, you’ll detect patterns and other nuggets of wisdom in the reply box.


Adding a button label

The third piece of content is a button label. The default text reads, “Ask me later.” 

This button gives users a chance to delay responding and leaves open the possibility of answering at a later date. If a user clicks this button, the survey closes. It displays again if the same user activates this NPS trigger. 



You can customize how often a survey reappears to users who click Ask me later. Read Triggering an NPS Display for details.


Adding a second button label

The fourth piece of content is another button label. The default text reads, Update score. This button gives the user a chance to change their rating before hitting the submit button. 

The content work is now done. The next step is to customize the NPS targetting.

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