The solution to Ad-blockers


Adblock or browser safety extensions use a set of parameters that defines what will be blocked. Therefore, they sometimes tend to block Userpilot as it's a foreign domain for your end-users. Custom domain hosting is a solution that allows you to host the Userpilot Javascript SDK under your domain (e.g. instead of

Most of the work will be done from our end; it takes up to 5 business days for the process to complete. This solution is targeted at resolving issues involving cases for both adblockers and internal restrictions regarding which domain the requests are initiated from.

How to implement custom domain hosting

1- Create the desired domain name that you would like to apply, for example,

2- Reach out to our support team by submitting a chat ticket from our help beacon or emailing us at You will need to provide us with your custom domain created in step 1 and your account app token. 

3- We will provide you with a CNAME record name and value to define in your DNS provider to issue an SSL certificate under the provided custom domain.

Once the SSL certificate is issued, we will provide you with the domain to which you can CNAME the custom domain.

4- You will need to specify the new installation object (The original script looks like this) and this will be modified on your end to become:

<script> window.userpilotSettings = {token: "Your token", domain: ""}; </script>
<script src = ""></script

After modifying this, Userpilot should be successfully served from your custom sub-domain

This feature is available for Enterprise or Growth plans only, check the plans here

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