Javascript API

The Userpilot Javascript SDK officially supports the following methods.

identify (userId, [properties])

Identifies the current user with an ID and an optional set of properties.

userpilot.identify("123", {
    name: "John",
    email: "",
    created_at: "1519205055"
   // Additional user properties 
   // projectId: "1"
   // trialEnds: '2019-10-31T09:29:33.401Z'


Assign a session based unique ID for the current user.



/* You can also call reload on a fake URL */
userpilot.reload({url: ''});

Update Userpilot content when there is a change in the page state.

track (name, [properties])

userpilot.track("invitedAgent", {
    name: "Sam",
    email: ""

Tracks a custom event taken by the current user.

trigger (contentId)

Force a certain Userpilot content to show for the current user. This method completely overrides any targeting conditions that have been set for that content. 

on (event, callback)

Trigger a callback function on an event.

List of all the methods that will occur during an experience life cycle.

- started
Triggers when the experience starts.
{id: 1, token: 1576146927zJny2049}

- completed
Triggers when the experience gets completed.
{id: 1, token: 1576146927zJny2049}

- dismissed
Triggers when the experience gets dismissed.
{id: 1, token: 1576146927zJny2049}

- step
Triggers when there is an interaction with the UI pattern.
{id: 1, token: 1576146927zJny2049, step: 1, totalSteps: 15}

userpilot.on('completed', function(event){
	alert('Experience completed');

off (event)

Remove a callback function attached to an event.

once (event, callback)

Trigger the callback function only once.

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