Calling Identify vs Reload Methods

Below is a complete explanation between calling userpilot.identify and userpilot.reload and when to use each function.

Userpilot Identify

  • This function is mainly called on the page first reload passing the user unique ID and other properties about the user. These properties will help Userpilot in personalizing and accurately target specific users. Here is an example of such use
  • userpilot.identify("443", // Used to identify unique user
        name: "James",
        created_at: "2019-10-17", // ISO8601 Date
        plan: "Trial"
       // Additional user properties 
       // projectId: "1"
       // trialEnds: "2019-10-31" // ISO8601 Date
  • You can call userpilot.identify multiple times on the same page passing the user unique ID and any new user properties. For example, if the user changed their app color from green to blue, we can just call 
  • userpilot.identify("443", // Used to identify unique user
      { color: "blue" }     

Userpilot Reload

  • Calling userpilot.reload function should only be called after identifying the user. Calling the function before identifying the user won't really do anything.
  • The main usage of userpilot.reload function is to refresh the current Userpilot content and display new content based on the current URL of the page, a good use for calling userpilot.reload happens in the Single Page Apps such as React & Angular. More about that is explained here.
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