Installing With Segment

Important: In order for your Userpilot to work you will need to install Segment on every page where you would like Userpilot experiences to appear on. Calling segment.identify will call userpilot.identify which is the most important step to show Userpilot content.

Segment+Userpilot Integration

In order to enable userpilot through segment you will need to enable Segment-Userpilot Integration. 

  1. Navigate to your destinations and search for Userpilot.
  2. After selecting Userpilot you will need to input your app Token. You can find the Token in the setup page

And that should be it. Userpilot will trigger on any page that has segment installed on. 

Note: You will need to call analytics.identify to pass user properties to Userpilot. Without identifying the user, Userpilot won't attempt to show content to the users.  

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