Installing With Segment

Leverage the use of your Segment data by passing it along to Userpilot with no additional coding.

Common use cases

  • Using Segment data for targeting Userpilot Experiences to specific users
  • Using Segment data for tracking conversion rates

Segment as a data source

To use Segment as a data source and sync your Segment information (e.g. user and company attributes and event) to Userpilot,

Installation requirements

  • Install Segment on every page where you would like Userpilot experiences to appear on
  • To pass user properties to Userpilot from Segment and show the Userpilot content correctly, Segment's Identify method segment.identify must be called on every page reload, this makes Userpilot attempt to show content using userpilot.identify

Enable Userpilot through a webhook

In order to send data to Userpilot through the backend, you will need to enable Segment-Userpilot Integration. 

  1. Make sure you are on one of Userpilot's plans
  2. Copy your write token from your Installation page
  3. Head over to Segment dashboard and go to catalog, then destinations and search for "webhooks"
  4. Click on "webhooks", "configure webhooks", select "HTTP-API", then "confirm source"
  5. In the connection settings, click on "webhooks(max5)", and enter "" in the webhook URL. Then in the headers enter "token" in the first field and the write token in the second field
And that should be it. Userpilot will trigger on any page that has Segment installed on. 
Note: You will need to call analytics.identify to pass user properties to Userpilot. Without identifying the user, Userpilot won't attempt to show content to the users.  

If you have questions or feedback on our Segment installation, please reach out through live chat

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