Hubspot Integration

This integration is currently in Beta for Growth and Enterprise plans only , to request to be enrolled reach out to us.


We now have a two-way integration with Hubspot!

Hubspot can be leveraged as both a data destination and as a data source.

You can utilize the integration to send Userpilot data to Hubspot so you can better target and customize campaigns!

Additionally, sync your Hubspot contact/company data to Userpilot users/company in real-time to better target Userpilot engagements and personalize flows based on data from Hubspot.

Common use case

As a data source

  • Define Enterprise trial accounts
  • Define lists for new leads from a specific webinar
  • Define lists for new leads coming from a specific marketing campaign

As a destination

  • Trigger email campaigns for users who skip an onboarding flow
  • Trigger email campaigns for users who gave an NPS score of less than 7
  • Reach out to an enterprise prospect to provide help if they interact with the same flow multiple times
  • Userpilot events can be used in Workflows

Connect your Hubspot account

  1. Navigate to the integrations page and click on the "Hubspot" integration

  2. You will be navigated to Hubspot to select the account you want to integrate with

  1. Select your Data Flow Direction : Both ways, Hubspot to Userpilot, or Userpilot to Hubspot

  2. Map the user/company properties

    User Properties

    Option A: Via a Hubspot ID property for contacts. This Id should match the unique user Id passed to Userpilot in the identify call.

    Option B: Via a Hubspot email address. This email should match the email passed to Userpilot in the identify call.

    Company Properties (optional)

    Via a Hubspot company ID. This Id must match the company Id passed to Userpilot in the identify call

    5. Configure the data or events that you would like sync. Follow the instructions below based on the data flow direction you selected

Configure data and events

As a data source (Hubspot -> Userpilot)

Select the list of user/company properties that exist in Hubspot in order to sync them in Userpilot.

The data will be updated in real-time.

You can then view the properties in the Users dashboard, the property name will begin with "Hubspot".

You can also view the properties in the Data management tab.

As a destination (Userpilot -> Hubspot)

Toggle the Userpilot events that you would like to send to Hubspot, these events will be be posted on the contact’s Activity tab in HubSpot in real-time.

The following events can be sent to Hubspot:

- Flows: Completed, Started, Dismissed

- Checklists: Completed, Started, Dismissed

- NPS: Score, Dismissed, Feedback

- Forms: Submitted

- Feature Tags: Click, Hover, Text Input

- Button Tracked Events: Tracked through the button action settings in a flow

Once you click on save, you will start to see the events appear under the "Activity" tab.

For any questions or support please reach out to

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