Amplitude integration user guide

Integrating with Amplitude helps you to more deeply analyze Userpilot experiences performance, health, and impact.

Common use cases

  • Create Userpilot behavior funnels to deeply analyze your experiences.
  • Categorize your experiences and segment your end-users based on their behaviors and engagement over time.
  • Test and adjust your flows based on analyzing how churned users interacted with your experiences.
  • Measure your experiences impact based on Increasing new user retention by helping people find the “Aha!” moment.

Integration requirements

  • Amplitude account and a Userpilot account, both JS scripts fully installed across your pages.
  • Amplitude integration can be enabled with a single click. Simply visit the Account integrations page and hit the Amplitude integration box.

How this integration works

Once Amplitude and Userpilot are integrated, Userpilot will automatically start sending data as events to your Amplitude account. You can use this data as part of any Amplitude chart, report or funnel to asses your experiences performance in terms of the users' event stream, flow engagement over time and much more.

How to use this integration

Once Amplitude and Userpilot are integrated, you can view Useprilot events at a general level such as experience started, experience completed, etc. under User Activity > Event Stream. 

Event properties sent as part of these events include the experience id, URL, etc. These event properties can be shown by expanding individual events.

We're always looking to improve our integrations, if you want to see other tools connecting with Userpilot please reach out through live chat.

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