Segment integration user guide

Common use cases

  • Sending events through Segment to deeply analyze them using product analytics solutions such as Google analytics, heap, etc.

Segment as a data source

To use Segment as a data source and sync your Segment information (e.g. user and company attributes and event) to Userpilot, make sure you've Installed Userpilot through segment.

Segment as a data destination

Using Segment as a data destination will allow you to send Userpilot events to Segment and all other connected tools. These events can be used for various use cases based on the connected tool.

Integration requirements

  • A Segment account and Userpilot account, both fully installed on every page where you would like Userpilot experiences to appear on
  • Segment integration can be enabled with a single click. Simply visit the Account integrations page and hit the Segment integration box.

How this integration works

Once Segment and Userpilot are integrated, Userpilot events will automatically be synced to your Segment account, then sent off to your other Segment tools. 

Important: Using Segment integration with Userpilot will push the events to all Segment enabled integrations, this can cause data duplication when having common integrations enabled from the Userpilot integrations page. 

What data do we send?

Simply, Userpilot sends events data to Segment. Events are interactions between the end-user and Userpilot content such as Experience started, Checklist completed, NPS scores, etc.

You will be able to see these events appear within your Segment dashboard, in the Debugger view.

We're always looking to improve our integrations, if you want to see other tools connecting with Userpilot please reach out through live chat.

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