Banners are a floating message that appears at the top or bottom of your web app. This feature is the perfect option to shed the light on important messages without interrupting users' workflow, such as an announcement, maintenance updates, or notices.

Use cases

  • Displaying new feature announcements and promotions
  • Providing information and proactively communicating known issues or scheduled updates
  • Receiving solicit feedback from users without interrupting their workflow

Creating a Banner 

  1. Fire the Userpilot chrome extension and navigate to the page where you would like to create the Banner on.
  2. Click on "Start here" then select "Create Spotlight"

  3. You can name the Spotlight and choose your preferred theme
  4. After choosing your preferred theme, click on the "Add Spotlight" button and select 'Banners' 

5. Edit the content of your banner.

Banner Settings & Design

You can set up the look and design of the Banners in the Themes tab of your Userpilot account. 

In the settings panel that appears on the side of your screen,  you can edit the Placement and Frequency of the Banner, the options in each section are listed below.


You can simply select the position of the Banner and fine-tune the offset of its position to your preference.


Once you've created and edited your Banner, you can select the frequency of the Banner in the 'Frequency' tab.You will find two options:

  • Once - This will trigger the Banner one time only and it will be dismissed once the user interacts with it.
  • Every time - The Banner will always appear in your web app.


In the Design tab you are able to edit the selected Theme, the close button behavior and the box settings.


Click on the Theme drop down to switch to another Theme setting.

Close Button

If you would like to enable the close 'x' button in the Banner, you can control the behavior of the close button.

  • Dismiss - This will dismiss the banner but it will re-appear if it's frequency is set to 'Every time'
  • Dismiss spotlight and never show again - This will dismiss the banner and it will not trigger again regardless of the Frequency settings
  • Dismiss spotlight and show in the next session- This will dismiss the spotlight and trigger it again once a new web session is defined.

    Note: A new web session is defined after 30 minutes of inactivity.


This section is related to the box settings of the Banner, such as editing the width, corner roundness and border settings.

The next step is to publish your Banner and set up the Targeting settings.

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