Users dashboard

Overview tab

The overview tab includes a table of Users that lists all of your users who have been identified by Userpilot so that you can easily keep track of your users. This table shows the identified users that are counted towards your MAUs and you can perform many actions in this tab such as filtering data, creating segments, excluding or deleting users

You can filter data in the table based on Segments, Company data, and when the users were Last seen. 

If you want to get more detailed results, click Add filters to search based on specific user attributes. Simply set up the segment according to the conditions you want your users to meet. Additionally, you can filter users based on a feature or event that you're tracking. We provide advanced filtering so that you can filter users based on the frequency with which a particular feature or event has occurred over a certain amount of time.

Once you're done, hit the "Run Query" button to see all of the detailed filtering results.


By selecting the users and then clicking on the "Actions" option in the upper corner, you can now quickly exclude users from the analytics, export their data, or even delete it.

Bulk Actions
  • Export Data - A CSV file will be sent to your email after clicking on the "Export Data" option. But only users with permission can utilize this option. Please refer to this document for further information about role permission.
  • Exclude Traffic - This option will exclude the user from any content analytics. This is a great option when you would like to exclude test users from appearing in your Userpilot content analytics.
  • Delete Data - This will delete the user from the Users dashboard.

Individual Actions

When you press the three dots for a specific user, you can see an additional action, "Reset Content", This option can be used for testing purposes to reset the seen content and progress of all Userpilot content.

Arranging columns

You can control how you would like your Users dashboard to display the data. Now, you can remove a column by unchecking the box and rearranging the columns by dragging and dropping them. Once you have arranged the columns to your preference, click on save.

Insights tab

You will be able to observe your users' activity based on either the segments, company, time periods, or all of them. You can view a daily, weekly, and monthly area-and-column chart of your users' activities in the insight tab.

You can also compare the data between the time period that you selected and the previous period, i.g the users in the 'Last quarter' which is this case is Q2 compared to the previous period which is

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