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Userpilot's AI-writing assistant is an AI copywriting tool that can help you refine your content. You can improve your text or ask AI to write it from scratch based on your prompt. The possibilities are endless!

Common use cases

  • Microcopy will be on point, you won't need to rely on a content team for copywriting.
  • Improve your existing flows by allowing AI to add relevant text, summarize or extend it.
  • Fix any and all spelling and grammar mistakes in your texts at once.
  • With AI, you can optimize the onboarding flows to eliminate unnecessary steps.


If you’re starting from scratch, just press “space” in any text box inside modals, tooltips, banners, etc, and insert a prompt.

Remember to press "space" before adding your prompt.

If you have already written your text, you can ask AI to do any of the following:

  • Continue writing: AI will carry on adding information after what you last wrote.

  • Fix spelling and grammar: all mistakes will be fixed in one go.

  • Summarize: AI will sum up all the important information in your text.

  • Improve writing: auto-paraphrase any text.

  • Make longer: AI will extend your content.

  • Make shorter: AI will shorten your content. This is especially useful for smaller UI, like tooltips.

All you have to do is accept the new text and adjust it if needed. You can also discard it and start again. Please note that by discarding the AI suggestion your text will go back to how you started it.

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For any questions or concerns please reach out to

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