User & Company Profiles

Profiles will provide you with better visualization of User and Company data to give greater insights into the people and organizations that are using your product.

Here you can view data related to a certain user/company to gain insights into their behavior and improve the overall user tracking experience. Tracking user/company behavior on an individual level can help you see the perspective, as you'll be able to understand how specific they engage with your product or platform, better identification of areas of improvement, and tailor their offerings more effectively.

User Profile

For starters, you can simply enter the user profile by clicking on the desired user from your users' dashboard (or anywhere the users' data shows), and then you'll be navigated to their related profile (same for companies).

Once entered, you'll start to see the related user details with their main identifications at the top of the page including the Name, UserId, Country, Total number of Sessions, Last Seen, and the Signed up date (if not passed it will show the First Seen instead). As well as the options to Export the users' Data, Exclude from Traffic, Reset Content, and Delete the Users' data. In addition to a Time period filter to choose the desired date, the data should show based on.

The User profile shows the related user auto/custom properties & segments the user is included in, as it has 4 main tabs as per below:

Note: Auto & Custom properties can be categorized under Data Management

  • Overview: In the overview tab you can see the total events that occurred for the user (tracked events & feature tags), the number of sessions & the average time per session.

    Top events and Top pages will show the most events and pages that occurred for the user. Keeping in mind, that searching for any event/page can be done (not limited to the shown/top ones only).

  • Sessions: The users' related session dates and times are shown here. Clicking on one of the sessions will view its details such as the duration of the session, and total events that occurred within that session indicating when each event occurred, and on which page/path.

  • Sentiment: User's feedback (NPS & Survey) responses and scores can be seen here, to view the response details click on the desired feedback.

  • Engagement: All user engagements (Flows, Spotlight, Checklist) are listed here, showing the related last action done by the user & the time. Also clicking on a certain engagement will show the details (exact event done, related time, and page).

Company Profile

Same as the user profile, once clicking on a certain company you'll be navigated to the related company profile page showing the overview details including the Number of users, Total events, Number of sessions & Average time per session. As well as the Top events that occurred, and Top pages viewed per company. Also, the related Properties & Segments the company is included in.

As for the Users tab, you can see the related users that are included in the selected company, as you can click on any user to be redirected to their profile page.

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