Trigger Content For a Specific User Segment

In many cases, you'd like to trigger content to a certain user segment only.

For example, you'd ideally like to target new users for a user onboarding flow.

This is really easy to do with Userpilot.

Once you're done creating your content, you can head over to the Audience section of the settings tab. You can target all users on the app, a specific pre-defined segment, or even create a new segment on the spot.

How to create a Segment

You can easily create a segment that contains your target audience in the Users dashboard of your Userpilot account by following the steps below:

1- Click on the "Add Filters" button

2- Add the condition(s) to target the users, you can target them based on user and company data that you are passing through your snippet, auto-properties that Userpilot automatically collects, send tracked events and actions that your users achieve in your app and many more...

3- Click on "Save Segment" and name your segment.

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