Adding Dynamic Text in a UI Pattern (Personalization)

In many cases, you'd want to include dynamic content in the UI patterns of a flow that is relevant to the end-user such as a user's first name. This can be very beneficial in making your flows feel more personal, and can greatly increase engagement.

Sending Variables 

To use personalization, you'll first have to make sure that you're sending custom user properties data to Userpilot as part of the installation ( read more about it here). For instance, you might pass the user's first name as a variable through the snippet. 

Inserting variables 

To do this, create your UI pattern as you usually would. Then, after you had added a text section, click on the personalization icon in your text toolbar as shown below.

Next, simply choose the dynamic user property you'd like to be substituted in that part of the text.

Add a fallback text

You can also opt to specify a fallback value when the variable is missing for that user. To do this, you can simply insert the text in the "Fallback value" textbox

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