Creating & Styling the Resource Center

Create your Resource Center

To begin, navigate to the Resource Center page in your Userpilot's dashboard and click "Set-Up Your Resource Center".

Beacon Styling

The Beacon is the button your end-users will click to open the Resource Center widget. After you've created the Resource Center, you can:

  • Choose the Beacon type

  • Modify the Beacon background-color

  • Add your Beacon text

  • Modify the text color

  • Choose the position and text for the Beacon

Make sure to customize your Beacon and fine-tune it into the perfect spot right into your web app

Important: The beacon will only be displayed for the eligible users based on the targeting settings.

Widget Styling

Head over to the Widget tab to customize it to get a feel on how it will look as well as entering the content of the widget, including a header title and description subtitle.

Add Modules

Head over to the Content tab and select "Add a new Module" to start adding resources to your Resource Center. You can add three different modules options of your choosing:

  • Userpilot Content
    • An Experience
    • A list of Experiences
    • A Checklist
  • Destination URL
  • Custom Javascript

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