Overview and Use Cases

What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center allows you to empower your end-users with answers and contextual guidance on-demand using Userpilot. This is a great way to provide in-app tutorials that walk users through a specific process in a less-disruptive way to the user experience and to allow your end-users to replay Userpilot content they've seen previously. 


The Resource Center can include a variety of pre-built modules of your choosing, which can be customized to ensure the best user experience. 

  • Userpilot Content 
    • Flow — Add a single flow that consists of a single or a sequence of steps
    • List of Flows — Add a list that serves as a holding place for a set of flows
    • Checklist — Add a Checklist pattern that consists of a set of tasks 
  • Link  — Send your end-users to external URLs such as your knowledge base
  • Video  — Embed a video to provide visualized assistance
  • Custom Javascript — Add your own customized JS function that can be used to access custom content such as triggering a chat widget.

Note: The Resource Center also has a search functionally that includes searching both the Resource Center content as well as any external knowledge base (you can read more about it here).

Analytics Dashboard

The Resource Center has a powerful analytics dashboard that shows performance and effectiveness per module data for a certain time frame. You can see the following analytics in the Overview tab

  • Time period - Shows how users interacted with your Resource Center in a given time period.
  • Key Statistics 
    • Active Users — The number of users that were identified by Userpilot during the selected time frame and matching the applied filters
    • Unique Opens — The number of unique users who have seen the Resource Center widget. 
    • Modules — The number of modules in the Resource Center.
    • Module Clicks — The number of unique users who clicked at least one module or in other terms engaged the Resource Center. 
    • Click Rate —  which is the percentage of the number of module clicks over the Unique Opens 

      (Module Clicks / Unique Opens) * 100
  • Live Performance - An overtime graph of your Resource Center overall
    performance to have an indication of your users’ engagement and improve badly
    performing modules
  • Module Effectiveness - A list with all of the module details that you've created is displayed to have better insights into their effectiveness.

Common use cases

  • Helping users complete a certain process by manually activating flows that will be readily available whenever the users need it.
  • Achieving the milestones you set for the activation process by including checklists that take the users on a journey.
  • Accessing custom content such as your live chat.
  • Providing users with answers by including access to knowledge base articles or FAQs.

General Notes

  • The Resource Center is supported by the most recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. A special exception is that it is not supported on IE11.
  • Any added module showing up in the Resource Center will be solely dependent upon the Resource Center targeting settings itself.

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If you'd like to send general feedback or suggestions for this feature, please reach out to us at support@userpilot.co

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