Survey Responses & Analytics


The Overview tab provides general analytics for the selected Survey, allowing you to monitor the performance and its related questions breakdown.

To begin, you can filter the dashboard to drill down to a certain segment, pages, and created by, allowing you to get the relevant survey to your specifications.


Once you click on the desired survey you will get the details tab that has a preview of the created survey and you can edit it by clicking the "Edit" button.

Survey Analytics:

From this tab, you will have all of the analytics for this survey. To begin, you can filter the analytics to drill down to a certain segment, company, and timeframe, allowing you to get metrics relevant to your specifications.

Segment: You can view how the selected survey performs within different segments, so you can compare your survey here by choosing only a particular segment to display.

Company: You can filter the survey analytics per company as well, so that you can see how each company in your web app is interacting with the survey.

Time period: You may also evaluate how your survey is performing over time and compare the performance of the selected survey during a specific time period.

The following section will provide a row of numerical charts to help you obtain a basic notion of the overall performance of your survey. The charts include:

  • Total Shown: The number of users that have seen the survey.
  • Completed: The number of users that have answered all the questions or completed a question that led to End the survey (Logic).
  • Completion Rate: Users that completed the Survey divided by users that have seen it, multiplied by 100%.
  • Average Completion Time: The average time for users to complete the survey.

Questions Breakdown 

It's recommended to only publish the survey after it has been fully revised, as any changes such as adding, reordering, or removing questions after publishing the survey could lead to discrepancies in the data.

Question Analytics: The table will show when the question was created, and how many users have seen it, dropped off, skipped, and completed each question within the survey.

To view the list of users who have seen, dropped off, skipped, or completed the question you'll only need to click on the related one; you can also export the related data & move between the questions.


In the Responses tab, you can check your analytics for the selected survey either per response or user.


You can set each response to show as a pie or bar chart for the Likert Scale & Multiple Choice questions, which will show a percentage for each selected choice by your users. For Open Text questions, the user name/id (can be searched for), answer & response time will be shown.


By going to the Users tab, you can see a table per user showing each time of response & the answer for each question, as it can be exported. Moreover, by clicking on the desired user, you can see the history of their responses in case the same survey has been answered by the user previously, as you can navigate between users by clicking on the next/previous response.

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