Survey Overview

We have recently removed the overview and performance widgets from Surveys. Now you can quickly find the information you need in the details widget!

We introduced a new Survey feature to help you collect contextual feedback at scale, at exactly the right time, to understand your users, improve CX and drive more revenue. 

Common use case

  • Improve and evaluate user experience
  • Measure customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys
  • Gather user info to profile your users and segment them
  • Evaluate Product Market Fit
  • Collect Feature feedback


The dashboard for the survey feature provides a comprehensive overview of the surveys you have created. It serves as a centralized hub where you can monitor and analyze the feedback from your users regarding your product or specific features you've launched.

At a glance, the dashboard displays key metrics such as the number of live surveys you have, as well as the number of users who have seen and completed those surveys. This gives you a quick snapshot of the engagement and participation rates.

You have convenient options such as duplicating, unpublishing, and editing each survey. This flexibility empowers you to make adjustments and iterate on your surveys based on the insights gathered.

Survey Analytics:

Once you click on the desired survey, you will see the survey analytics dashboard, the dashboard includes a numerical chart that presents the trend of survey views and completions over a selected period of time. This chart provides valuable insights into the effectiveness and reach of your surveys, allowing you to track their performance and identify any patterns.

Furthermore, the bottom section of the dashboard showcases a list of all the questions you have added. From here,


Within the ordering tab, you have the ability to prioritize your surveys by arranging them in sequential order. This allows you to determine the survey that will be displayed first when multiple surveys are competing to appear in your app simultaneously. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. Rearranging Surveys: You can easily rearrange the surveys by either dragging and dropping them into the desired order or by modifying the assigned numbers. The number "1" refers to the survey that will trigger first.
  2. User-Action Surveys: Surveys that require a specific user action, such as a custom event, will still be displayed once that action occurs, even if it happens later. However, if other surveys are also available to start on the same page, those will be shown first.
  3. Priority Based on Creation Date: Newly created surveys will be added to the end of the list and given a lower priority compared to older surveys. This ensures that older surveys are given preference in the ordering.
  4. Archived Surveys: Once a survey is marked as "Archived," it will no longer appear within the ordering list. This allows you to remove any surveys that are no longer relevant or in use.
  5. Manual or Link Trigger: Surveys that are set to be triggered manually or via a specific link will also be removed from the ordering list. This ensures that they are not included in the sequential order since they require explicit actions to be triggered.

By utilizing these ordering capabilities, you can effectively manage the display sequence of your surveys and ensure a smooth and targeted user experience.

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