Ordering & Throttling

After having multiple flows created, you probably want to control which flows should be seen first/last and how many are being seen by your users per page or even across all pages to not overwhelm them. In Ordering & Throttling you can control the priority of your flows & how many should be shown per session, minute, hour, or even day.


Simply choose the flow you want to set the Priority for and click on the arrow next to the number of the priority given, then set it to your desire. You can also drag & drop it by clicking on the 6 dots on the left side of each flow.

Notes to be taken into consideration:

  • Flows can be filtered by Folder, Status, and Tagged Pages
  • The flow with the lowest number will have the highest priority
  • The flow table will be categorized per priority of the flow, showing the highest at the top
  • Flows that are set to Trigger based on Event-Occurrence or Only-Manually won't be showing in the list
  • Flows that have certain settings that prevent a certain flow from showing before another will be taken into consideration. For example, if a flow with priority 2 cannot be seen before a flow with priority 3, flow 3 will be seen before 2 even though it has a lower priority due to a flow setting that prevented flow 2 from showing
  • There might be some missing numbers due to archived or deleted flows, which shouldn't have any effect on the prioritization, as the same order will still be followed even with missing numbers in between


Here you can set how many flows you want to be seen by your users. You can set the number of flows to be seen per page or across all pages by session, minutes, hours, and days.

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