Customizing UI Patterns in a Flow

Every Flow is made up of groups of UI patterns, every pattern can be easily customized with our WISIWIG 

Let's take a look at how you can customize the UI patterns themselves, and control the settings of the group as well.

Editing Text

You can easily edit a text section of a UI pattern just by simply clicking on it. You can edit the font size, color, and alignment. You can also add personalization in a text section and edit the background. To rearrange a section position you can drag an drop anywhere within the UI pattern.

Adding a new section  

You can also add new sections to any type of UI pattern such as text, images, videos, headers...etc. Just simply hover over where you want to add the new section, click the '+' button and select the type of section you'd like to add.

Side-pannel Settings

Here you can find additional design settings such as the backdrop, the box border settings, and the placement. These settings will carry to all UI patterns inside that particular group.

Some UI patterns such as tooltips have also their own individual settings such as the width. These settings will only impact the current step in the group and would allow you to control things like the UI pattern placement and other individual settings.

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