Testing and Publishing the Resource Center

Preview Mode

Previewing the Resource Center while in the building process can be great to make sure that the Resource Center will look and behave with your end-users as expected. 

  • Initial Preview – This appears on the right of the page while building each part of the Resource Center.
  • Live Preview – Once you have finished building, head over to the "Preview" tab. Here you can see a live preview that you can interact with to see it's behavior.

Test Mode

After building your Resource Center and previewing it to make sure it looks good, you can test it live before publishing it for your end-users. You can check many things in the test mode:

  • How the Resource Center look and behave from your end-user perspective 
  • Check that the Resource Center appears on the right page(s)
  • Make sure that the Resource Center obeys the specified Audience targeting
  • Check the positioning of the Resource Center on your web app
  • Review and check modules interaction behavior
  • Get feedback from your teammates 


1. Publishing the Resource Center only to yourself and your colleagues

Setting the Audience to Only me (useful for testing) will limit the Resource Center only to be displayed for you and your colleagues. You can then navigate to a page where the Resource Center should display on and test it.

2. Publishing the Resource Center on a testing or staging environment

Before publishing the Resource Center on your staging environment, head over to the domain settings under the Configure tab, choose "Domains I choose", and then enter your testing or staging environment. Now, you can publish the Resource Center safely on your testing environment. 

3. Publishing the Resource Center only to specific users

You can limit the eligible users to see the Resource Center based on the user properties of the internal testers. This can be done from the Audience section where you can target the desired users based on their Unique User IDs, their emails or even their names.

Publishing the Resource Center

Once you test the Resource Center and make sure that all looks good, modify the Resource Center targeting settings to include your desired end-users. You can now promote the Resource Center and publish it live.

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