Creating a Survey

Creating a Survey has never been easier! You can select ready to use templates, easily edit questions and add advanced logic settings within minutes.

1. Open the Survey page

The first step is to open the Survey page. This is where you create and customize your Survey.

  • Click on User Feedback on the dashboard. The Survey page will display.
  • Click the "Create Survey" button.

2. Creating the Survey

After clicking on the Create NPS button, you will be redirected to the Templates page.

Here you can preview each template and use one of them if you wish, or you could create your survey from scratch. Note that the templates are organized into different categories:

  • Product
    • User experience: improve your web app's user experience.
    • Product research: gain knowledge from your users about a new feature.
  • Customer Experience
    • Customer satisfaction: ensure customer satisfaction (CSAT).
    • Customer research: customer effort score (CES).
  • Marketing
    • Growth marketing: gather information about new users.
  • Sales
    • Sales attribution: learn why new users chose your product.
    • Profile new leads: lead qualification.

Question Types & Logic

If you wish to create the survey directly, just select the button create from scratch, and then just add a name for the survey and click on Create. You will be redirected to the Content tab.

In this tab, you will be able to build your survey or edit it to your liking if you are using a template.

To add a question, you only need to click on "+ Add Question". There are four options:

  • Open text
  • Likert Scale
  • Multiple choice
  • Text/URL Prompt

You can also add Logic parameters to each type of question. This is very useful to target certain users, redirect them to certain steps in the survey depending on their answers, and more.

For example, if a customer selects a number lower than 3 from the Likert scale, ask them to further elaborate on why.


  • You can make a question required by clicking on the three-dot menu.
  • You can also preview how the survey will look for desktop users and for mobile users

Open text

You can ask a question and add a text field for users to answer freely.

Likert Scale

You can add a satisfaction scale to learn more about how users feel about your product, brand, or new feature. There are different numeric ranges to choose from, as well as the type of replies.

Multiple Choice

You can ask a question and let users pick one of several options. If you want users to be able to pick more than one, you only need to enable Multiple select.

Text/URL Prompt

This type of question is handy if you want to redirect users to another URL, or if you want to run custom JS.

Thank You Message 

Lastly, you can add a step to thank the customers for their time and feedback.

3. Customizing the survey

Now it’s time to style your survey!

You can customize your survey's appearance and visual style on the Widget tab to make it look more consistent with your branding.


You can change the position of the widget and set the primary and background colors. Note that surveys can't be placed in the middle of the page, just like slideouts.


Change the font family and text color of your survey.

Box & Border

Here you can control your box border type to be shadow or solid and set its color, in addition to controlling the width, intensity, and corner radius options.

Progress Bar

Change your progress type to either bar or ball and chose the best color for your brand.


Change the color and opacity of the survey's backdrop.

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