New to NPS? These tips and FAQs will help you get your NPS up and running.

How many NPS surveys can I create?

For now, you can create one NPS survey with one language.

If a user submits an NPS score but doesn't enter any comments, will the NPS score be triggered again?

A user doesn't have to submit text feedback for the score to be counted. If someone submits an NPS score without comment, it re-triggers after 60 days; 60 days is the default setting and can be changed.

How can I identify the users who interacted with my NPS survey?

Userpilot provides NPS user data that can be exported which will include unique_id, name, email, feedback, score and the submitted date.

Do you recommend keeping my sampling settings low or high?

The margin of error within your NPS will depend upon your sample size. Userpilot recommends keeping a low sampling rate to collect responses more organically over time and thus achieve more accurate results.

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