FAQ: Test Mode

Be smart. Learn how to run better tests.

How can I show my team members a flow without publishing it live?

Before publishing live for the whole world to see, configure the settings panel so that your teammates can view the flow on your computer.

There are three configuration options:

  • Set Audience to Only me (useful for testing).
  • Set Frequency to Trigger every time.
  • Set it to trigger manually and pass the permalink of that flow to your colleagues.

Can I preview a pre-built flow without having the code installed on the web page?

Yes, you can. However, you can’t push a flow live until the JS script has been installed on your webpage.

What are the best options for testing flows?

When building a flow, you'll likely want to test it many times before publishing. To optimize the testing process, we suggest two settings:

  • set Audience to Only me (useful for testing)  
  • set Frequency to Trigger every time

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