Driven Actions

A powerful feature that the Userpilot flow builder allows you to fully customize is the driven actions. Driven actions can be used to direct the user into interacting with an element in a certain way; this is why it's important to know when it's appropriate to continue the Flow.

There are 4 types of driven actions; Click, Text Input, Hover, and Hotspot:

  • Click - With Click, you can choose whether you want the driven action to be advanced once the user clicks the selected element or another element, advancing the driven action when the user clicks on another element would have the upper hand when it comes to specific cases, for example, dropping a list and choose any selection 
  • Text Input - This is a great option to select if you place a driven action step on a text input field. That way, you control how the step advances when the user types in the text box.
    For example, you might want to drive users to fill a search box before continuing the Flow.

     You will find a drop-down option, where you can choose the appropriate behavior that fits your case.

  • Hover - This type will advance to the next step once the user hovers over the selected element.
  • Hotspot - A hotspot driven action is a flashing beacon, that can be used id you would like to draw the users attention to a certain element without specifying ant text in

Note: The "Behavior" options listed in the drop-down change based on the type of the driven action.

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