Creating Checklists

The first step of creating a checklist is to set up the initial settings such as the theme color and font family.

Next, it's time to customize the beacon of the checklist. 

You can add beacons with your own icons and colors as well as control the position of the beacon on the screen.

You can also customize the look & feel of the widget itself as shown below.

A chronological widget will not allow users to move to the next task of the checklist until they are done with the current task at hand.

If you'd like users to move freely between different tasks without a particular order, then choose the 'Free' progress option.

You can also customize the message that the users are shown once all tasks are completed in a given checklist as shown below.

Finally, it's time to start creating tasks for your users to complete!

Simply create a task by clicking the "Add New Task' button. 

You can create as many tasks as you'd like for your users to complete. Each task can be either linked to a URL or to trigger an experience. You can also set the criteria that would mark the task as completed!

Click here to learn more about creating tasks in checklists.

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