Creating an NPS Survey

Adding an NPS survey to your website is a simple three-step process.

1. Opening the survey page

The first step is to open the NPS Survey page. This is where you create and customize your NPS survey. 

  1. Log in to your Userpilot account.
  2. Click NPS on the dashboard. The NPS Survey page displays.

2. Creating a survey

After clicking NPS, the Measure Your Happiness page displays. Click the Create Your NPS Survey button.


The NPS Survey page displays. Now it’s time to create your survey instrument. 

At the top of the NPS Survey page, you can see four menu tabs under the heading.


3. Customizing the survey

Click Look & Feel. This is where you customize the survey’s visual style. You can set the background color of the survey box, change the typeface, and insert a logo.

The default background theme of the survey box is light. If you want a different color, select Dark and then click Primary Color. Select an option on the color wheel. 


You can change the typeface by selecting an option from the font menu. 

You can customize the survey’s appearance so that it’s consistent with your branding guide: add your own font and upload a logo. 

The design work is now done. The next step is to add content.

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